2007 Marin Countywide Plan Supplemental EIR with a Focus on Potential Cumulative Impacts to Salmonids in San Geronimo Valley

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San Geronimo Valley

Project Status

October 2017 Environmental Review Update: The Final Supplemental Environmental Impact Report (Final SEIR) is tentatively expected to be released for a 14-day public review/comment in January/February 2018. Due to the large number and complexity of comment letters received on the Draft SEIR, preparation and release of the Final SEIR is taking more time than previously anticipated.

The Final SEIR will consist of the revised Draft SEIR text, along with a Response to Comments document that includes responses to all comments received (oral and written) on the adequacy of the Draft SEIR. Comments on the Final SEIR should be limited to, and focus on, the adequacy of the Final SEIR responses to earlier comments received on the Draft SIER.

Following circulation of the Final SEIR, the project will go to the Planning Commission for a hearing to consider recommendation of Final SEIR certification by the Board of Supervisors (Board). The Board will subsequently hold a hearing to consider certification of the Final SEIR. These public hearings are tentatively expected to happen around March/April 2018 and will be publicly noticed ahead of time.

This website will be updated further as the environmental review process progresses.

Project Contact

Tarisha Bal, Deputy County Counsel
(415) 473-3282

Project Description

Marin County has released a Draft Supplement (Draft SEIR) to the 2007 Marin Countywide Plan Final EIR, certified in 2007 (2007 CWP FEIR). Marin County is the lead agency, pursuant to the State Guidelines for the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA Guidelines Section 15150) for preparation of a Draft SEIR. This Draft SEIR has been prepared by Marin County in accordance with CEQA, the State CEQA Guidelines, and the Marin County Environmental Impact Review Guidelines.

The 2007 Marin Countywide Plan Supplemental EIR has been prepared in accordance with the decision of the Court of Appeal of the State of California First Appellate District Division Three, to set aside the County’s certification of the 2007 Countywide Plan EIR with respect to San Geronimo Watershed only, pending preparation of a supplemental EIR with respect to the San Geronimo Watershed only, that analysis cumulative impacts in conformity with Guidelines section 15130, subdivision (b) and this opinion, and that describes mitigation measures in conformity with State CEQA Guidelines section 15126.4 and this opinion or makes other findings in conformity with State CEQA Guidelines section 15091.

As specified in the Court’s order, the principal action considered in this SEIR is adoption and implementation of the Marin CWP (2007) with respect to the San Geronimo Valley and the potential for effects on salmonids. The SEIR will be used to fulfill the Court’s mandate, and will be used by the Marin County Board of Supervisors in considering approval of the Proposed Project (Marin CWP [2007]) and certification of the EIR with respect to the San Geronimo Valley.

Public Notice

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