Vogel Tentative Map / Development Plan Initial Study - Mitigated Negative Declaration

Community Development Agency



116 H Lane, Novato, and is also identified as Assessor's Parcel 143-331-52.

Project Description

The applicant, Mike Vogel, proposes to proposes to divide the existing 9.6-acre lot into a 2-acre lot (identified as Parcel 1) that would contain the existing residence, and a 7.6-acre lot (identified as Remainder Parcel), through approval of the proposed Tentative Parcel Map for the Vogel Land Division. Parcel 1 is currently developed with an existing 2,106 square foot single-family residence, 1,088 square foot detached garage, and associated driveway. The Remainder Parcel is currently vacant, with the exception of two outdoor decks in the northern portion of the lot and a gravel driveway extending up the central portion. A 0.289 acre building envelope is proposed in the central portion of the Remainder Parcel to accommodate the future development of a single-family residence.

Public Notice

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