San Rafael Rock Quarry Amended Reclamation Plan and Amended Quarry Permit

Community Development Agency



1000 Point San Pedro Road
San Rafael, CA 94901
Parcel Number: 184-010-09, -15, -16, -51, -52

Project Description

The San Rafael Rock Quarry is an existing mining operation permitted by the County Department of Public Works in 1972, (Surface Mining and Quarry Permit #Q-72-03). The primary products currently produced at the Quarry include, rock, concrete aggregate, sand, asphaltic concrete and rip rap products that are used for road, levee, and other infrastructure construction. The project sponsors propose to amend the quarry permit to facilitate continued quarrying operations within certain areas of the site, including blasting, excavating from the Main Quarry Bowl to a depth of –400’ MSL and from the South Hill, and transporting rock and earth by truck and barge. The Quarry will continue to: crush, sort, and stockpile earth and rock quarried from the site, dock and load barges with earth, sand and rock quarried from the site, operate an asphalt batch plant, and load and weigh commercial trucks that export and transport material over Point San Pedro Road. Quarry material truck traffic is proposed to be limited to 250 one way trips (125 round trips), Monday through Friday (except holidays), between 7 a.m. to 5 p.m., except in declared public emergencies. Not a part of this project proposal is the manufacture of brick products still occurs on a portion of the property, currently leased by the San Rafael Rock Quarry to the McNear Brick Company.

The project sponsors propose to amend the existing Reclamation Plan approved for the quarry pursuant to the Surface Mining and Reclamation Act of 1975 (SMARA), (Amended Reclamation Plan ARP82 approved by the County in 1982). The proposed ARP incorporates a final grading plan, drainage system, flooding the Marin Quarry Bowl and revegetation. After completion of the mining operation, all structures, equipment and storage facilities would be removed, and the site reclaimed and revegetated in accordance with the reclamation and revegetation plan. The major project components of the ARP include: cutting the channel to the bay and flooding the Quarry bowl; creating three stockpile areas, stockpiling overburden and mixing pond fines into the soil in the northeast quadrant; creating a surcharge berm in the northwest quadrant; creating the South Hill soil cover; and general revegetation. As approved the reclamation plan is valid until December 31, 2024. Following termination of quarrying activities, the Quarry owner proposes to level the visual mitigation stockpiles, and flood the Quarry pit and connect it to San Francisco Bay to create a marina, suitable for commercial and residential development on the property.

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