Redwood Landfill Solid Waste Facilities Permit Environmental Impact Report

Community Development Agency



Located on the east side of State Highway 101, 4 miles north of the City of Novato and 7 miles southeast of Petaluma in Marin County.
Parcel Number: 125-160-13

Project Description

Redwood Landfill, Inc. has applied to the Marin County Environmental Health Services Department for a Revised Solid Waste Facilities Permit (SWFP) for continuation and capacity expansion of a 222.5-acre landfill on a 420-acre site near Novato, California. The approved project involves changes to the existing landfill and composting operations as described in the environmental review documents, the SWFP, and technical documents developed in conjunction with the SWFP, including but not limited to: increasing the capacity of the landfill to 26.1 million cubic yards (including cover), increasing the number of vehicles that may enter the site per day, changing the slope configuration of the landfill, clarifying the footprint of the landfill, combining the existing landfill and compost permits, adding food waste as a compost feed stock, modifying tonnage allocations for landfill and compost operations, modifying landfilling practices, modifying environmental controls at the site, increasing receipts of recyclable materials, improving public drop-off facilities for recyclables, transloading and limited processing of recyclables, changing the configuration of the site, and development of landfill gas to energy and solar power generation. Redwood Landfill will continue to be the principal landfill serving Marin County.

Environmental Review Documents