Bay Creek (650 North San Pedro LLC) Master Plan

Community Development Agency



650 N San Pedro Road
San Rafael, CA 94903
Parcel Number: 180-231-05, -06, -07, -09 and 180-291-04

Project Description

The Bay Creek (650 North San Pedro Road LLC) Rezoning, Master Plan, Subdivision, and Precise Development Plan are modified and approved to allow the existing five lots to be subdivided into 10 residential lots and one Private Open Space Parcel, and developed with common improvements, future residential development, and the implementation of mitigation measures. A new road would enter the property in approximately the same location as the existing driveway intersection with North San Pedro Road and utilities would be provided by extending existing transmission facilities underground to the proposed lots. Designs for the future residences have not been submitted or approved for the project, but building envelopes are specified in the Precise Development Plan. The improvements proposed as part of the Precise Development Plan would result in approximately 4,150 cubic yards of excavation and 2,100 cubic yards of fill.

Environmental Review Documents