Grady Ranch Precise Development Plan and Supplemental Environmental Impact Report

Community Development Agency



2828 Lucas Valley Road
San Rafael, CA 94903
Parcel Number: 164-310-15, -17 , -19

Project Description

The project is the proposed Grady Ranch development phase to be implemented consistent with the Big Rock Ranch/Grady Ranch Master Precise Development Plan and Use Permit that the Marin County Board of Supervisors approved in 1996 after certifying the 1996 Master Plan FEIR. The Grady Ranch project is a proposal to construct an approximately 270,000 square foot digital technology-based film production studio with administrative offices for a maximum of 340 employees, and a detached 900 square foot gate house.

The film production facility would contain administration offices, one outdoor stage, and two indoor stages with appurtenant film production facilities. Guest suites (20), a cafeteria, and general store are proposed for employees with parking in a basement garage. The proposal includes two emergency access fire roads, two entrance gates, fences, nine bridges, a 4,000 square foot wine cave/tunnel, private wine tasting room, two water storage tanks (one 40,000-gallon tank for rainwater storage to be used for irrigation and one 400,000-gallon tank for potable and fire suppression water), and installation underground of existing utilities along Lucas Valley Road.

The main building would have a primary roof ridge with a maximum height of 65 feet and two towers with maximum heights of 85 feet above finished exterior grade. The main building would have the following setbacks from corresponding property lines: 890 feet front (south), 360 feet side (east), 6,400 feet side (west), and 4,000 feet rear (north).

The project includes realignment of Lucas Valley Road to improve site distance for safe access to the proposed driveway. A portion of the road would cross over a tributary of Miller Creek on a new bridge. The access driveway would include a new bridge over Miller Creek to replace the existing ranch access bridge. A 900-square-foot gatehouse would be located along the driveway on the north side of the creek. Grading would consist of approximately 240,000 cubic yards of excavation and approximately 240,000 cubic yards of fill to be used for streambed restoration and construction of a knoll for purposes of covering a geoexchange system and providing visual screening of the main building from neighboring properties.

Miller Creek and tributaries would be restored and enhanced with rock and log structures intended to elevate the streambed, enhance geomorphic processes, and improve upstream fish passage. Stormwater management would include Low Impact Development (LID) practices. Native vegetation would be planted to enhance habitat. The project includes proposals for annexation into the Marin Municipal Water District for water supply, the Las Gallinas Valley Sanitary District for sewer service, and the Marinwood Community Services District for fire prevention and suppression services.

Pursuant to the 1996 Master Plan, 800 acres of the original 1,039-acre Grady Ranch property were dedicated to the Marin County Open Space District, and 187 acres were set aside as private open space. Approximately 240,000 cubic yards of excavation and balanced fill would restore portions of Miller Creek to improve upstream fish passage and infiltration, construct a knoll for purposes of covering geothermal heat exchange units, and provide screening southeast of the main building.

Environmental Review Documents

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