Donahue Highlands Master Plan Environmental Impact Report

Community Development Agency



Vacant Lot at the Terminus of Donahue Street
Marin City, CA 94965
Assessor Parcel: 052-140-33



Frequently Asked Questions

Marin County Planning staff have prepared the following Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) document for additional guidance and information on the CEQA process for this project. The FAQ document can be accessed here

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Project Description

The applicant is requesting Master Plan approval to subdivide an existing 49.8 acre lot, located at the terminus of Donahue Street in Marin City, into 18 single-family residential lots. The project site is presently undeveloped, with the exception of a MMWD water tank on the northern portion of the site, and Alta Fire Road, which traverses the central portion of the project site, from north to south. The fire road connects Donahue Street to GGNRA trails to the south of the project site. The fire road is regularly frequented by hikers and dog walkers.

Per the application, the newly proposed residential lots would range in size from 6,534 square feet in size to 209,088 square feet in size, with all of the new development, including the access road, proposed to be located below the Ridge and Upland Greenbelt area located on the western portion of the project site.

The proposed Master Plan anticipates subdivision of the project site into 18 residential lots, which would be developed with 18 detached single-family residences, three of which would be affordable, and 15 of which would be market rate units. Four different floor plans are proposed to be utilized in construction of the residences as follows: three 1,903 square foot (affordable) residences; nine 3,643 square feet residences; five 5,160 square foot single family/accessory dwelling unit combination units; and one 7,860 square foot “estate” residence. As designed, the residences would be developed on approximately 5 acres of the 49.8 acre lot, or 10% of the lot area. The residences will be designed to “step” down the naturally sloped terrain.

The 18 residential lots are proposed to be developed below the existing fire road; a new access road, 20 feet in width, is proposed to be constructed to the east of the fire road to serve the newly proposed residences. The fire road is not proposed to be altered through the Master Plan design. Three small parking turnouts are proposed along the access road, each designed to accommodate 2 vehicles. The Donahue Street terminus will be improved with parking and public access to the fire road and the existing trails will be maintained. The utilities proposed to serve the residences are proposed to be undergrounded and routed below the new access road.

Pursuant to Marin County Code Section 22.44, Master Plan approval is required because the project entails a land division consisting of 5 or more lots.

Zoning: RMP 0.5 (Multiple-family Residential, Planned district, 1 unit per 2 acres)
Countywide Plan Designation: PR (Planned Residential, 1 unit per 1-10 acres)
Community Plan: Marin City Community Plan