Burdell Air Partners Use Permit and Design Review Initial Study

Community Development Agency



Airport Road, Novato
Assessor Parcel: 125-190-74

Project Description

The applicant requested Use Permit and Design Review approval to allow for the construction of a solar panel installation on a vacant lot located on Airport Road in Novato, adjacent to the Gnoss Field runway. The project site is approximately 45 acres in size. Six of the 45 acres would be utilized for the solar panel installation, which is proposed to be secured by a chain link perimeter fence.

The solar installation would be comprised of approximately 3,600 high-efficiency PV solar panels. The panels would be ground mounted at a fixed angle. The height of each of the proposed panels is 14 feet, as measured from grade to the top of the panel. The panels would be affixed to a series of steel support structures, which would be secured to the ground via concrete footings. The photovoltaic cells will be dark in color and non-reflective.

Access to the solar panel installation would be provided via an existing driveway, which is located at the terminus of Airport Road (near the juncture at Binford Road). For security purposes, a new gate is proposed to be installed at the entrance to the driveway. The driveway is proposed to be widened and improved to comply with the Fire District’s 16 minimum clearance emergency access standards. Three turnouts are proposed to be provided along the length of the improved driveway and an emergency vehicle turnaround is proposed to be constructed at the terminus of the driveway (adjacent to the panel installation). Minor drainage improvements, including new drainage ditches, are proposed to be installed along the length of the driveway. Per the project plans, the drainage ditches will flow into existing drainage channels on the site. The grading associated with the project is minimal, with approximately 350 cubic yards of cut, and 390 cubic yards of fill (to be placed along a portion of the driveway) required for construction of the driveway improvements.

As designed, and coupled with high efficiency inverters, the maximum total AC output would be approximately One Megawatt, with a total annual electrical output of approximately 1,818,000 kWh. The electrical output would be delivered to Marin Clean Energy (MCE). New electrical lines, which are proposed to be routed underground between the solar installation and a new PG & E platform adjacent to the driveway, would be utilized in delivering the energy to MCE.

Project Status