Alta Way Extension Project Environmental Impact Report

Community Development Agency



The roadway will be contained within the public right of way of Alta Way, Mill Valley.

Assessor’s Parcels

The six lots that will potentially be developed in the future are:
049-041-48, 049-041-43, 049-041-42, 049-044-08, 049-044-30, and 049-044-14

Project Engineer

Tyler Bylow

Project Description

The project is the extension of Alta Way, an existing residential street in unincorporated Mill Valley. The extension of Alta Way would provide access and utility extensions to six undeveloped legal lots of record. 

Project Status

Environmental Impact Report preparation pending funding by the applicant and approval of the consultant contract by the Board of Supervisors.  

*New* Frequently Asked Questions (2/26/2021)

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Alta Way Scoping Notice

Environmental Review Documents

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