Construction Inspection Checklist

Community Development Agency

Preliminary Construction Inspection

When construction is approximately 75% to 80% complete, with plumbing, rough ventilation, and finishes installed, and prior to equipment installation, you must contact the Plan Check Specialist to schedule a preliminary construction inspection. Requests should be made at least five (5) working days in advance. A preliminary inspection should be scheduled for no less than two weeks prior to the proposed opening of the food establishment. The preliminary inspection is an important, first look at the facility and how the construction is progressing. If any changes are required, this is the best time to make corrections to avoid delays in the opening of your food facility. Ensure that your contractor is made aware of the requirements for Marin County when calling for inspections.

If you have not called for a preliminary inspection and are calling for a final inspection, your "first" inspection will still be considered a “first, preliminary” inspection. Construction projects require more than one inspection.

It is highly recommended that, for most projects, more than one preliminary inspection is performed.

Plan Revisions or "As Built" Work

If the construction does not reflect the last approved set of plans by this Department, you will be required to “stop” all ongoing work and resubmit your revised drawings. A new application and plan check fee will be required, as well as lost time incurred at your facility. All projects must be built to best construction standards, and that includes approved plans from all agencies. “As Built” drawings will not be accepted in lieu of providing revised plans once the non-approved construction has been identified. To avoid “any” delays in your own process, you must ensure that all agencies are working from the same set of plans at all times. It is your responsibility to submit all revisions and equipment changes through your process.

Final Construction Inspection

Upon completion of all of the construction, including all finishing work and corrections provided to you during preliminary inspections, you must contact the Plan Check Specialist to arrange for a final construction inspection. You will not be approved to operate or issued a Permit to Operate until the facility passes a final inspection. In no case should a final inspection be requested less than five (5) working days prior to the proposed opening of the establishment. The hood and make up air performance test must be submitted for review prior to calling for a final inspection. Final construction must be approved by this Department (EHS) prior to opening for business or use of remodeled areas.

The Building “Job Card” must be kept on site for final signature at the time of the final inspection. Your occupancy from the Building Department will not be granted until all signatures have been secured on your Job Card.