Marin Economic Forum

Board of Supervisors

Our local economy remains one of my top priorities. My focus on this issue has included working actively to turn the idea of an organization focused on our unique Marin economy into a reality, which happened at the beginning of 2010 with the formation of the Marin Economic Forum (MEF) as a public-private partnership. MEF is led by Chief Executive Officer Mike Blakeley and Chief Economist Robert Eyler, PhD. I serve as Vice-President of the Board.

MEF educates Marin County on its economy. MEF conducts original, independent research and provides data and information to local governments and businesses that support economic development and opportunities for sustainable growth for local economies. This work takes many forms. MEF produces annual reports about the state of the economy of Marin County as well as makes recommendations, provides insight and conducts research regarding business conditions, housing and commercial development. MEF also hosts conferences and provides commentary and testimony, as requested, to local political, business and media outlets.

MEF is working to bring the targeted industries identified in a recent economic analysis (agriculture/food, biosciences/biotech, education, health/wellness, and tourism/hospitality) to Marin, provide jobs in Marin and help existing local businesses succeed.

MEF brings together the many stakeholders in our local economy: private sector companies, chambers of commerce, county and municipal governments, educational institutions, organizations supporting workforce employment, housing, and similar economic-related activities, consumer groups, and other organizations. I truly believe that local economic sustainability is the key to achieving our local civic, environmental, educational and social equity goals.

For more information about the Marin Economic Forum or to subscribe to the MEF newsletter, visit the MEF website.