Priorities, Current Projects and Accomplishments

Board of Supervisors

Although every constituent concern is important, in order to make the biggest impact, I have identified several issues as current priorities.  I have also been working on a variety of projects for District 4 which you'll find on this page.  I've also included a list of some of my accomplishments from my first term as Supervisor for District 4. 

I will continue to update this page as projects arise and progress and to keep you updated on current priority items within the district.

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  • Priorities
    • Our community is vibrant because of our diversity, and I continue to work on policy and programs that foster Marin County as welcoming to all residents regardless of socio-economic status, immigration status, sexual orientation, gender, and physical capabilities.
    • As an environmentalist, it is my duty to protect the environment from the dangerous impacts of climate change.
    • As a champion for children, I advocate for the health, safety, and educational success of all youth.
    • As an older adult, it is my duty to ensure that all our older adults have the necessary support to remain in their homes, and that our communities can meet the needs of older adults as they age.
    • Our communities are stronger when we have robust emergency preparedness plans, adequate emergency preparedness staffing, and funding. I continue to advocate for ways to equip and prepare our communities with the training and tools they may need during an emergency.
    • I am steadfast in my commitment to create more housing stability and security for all of our residents—from supporting our housing first initiative to reduce homelessness in Marin County, to creating more low cost housing options such as Junior Accessory Dwelling Units, Accessory Dwelling units, farm worker housing and other affordable housing projects supported by the county and our not for profit land trusts.
  • Current Projects

    Here are some examples of projects I am currently prioritizing:

    • As the representative of two Census-designated hard-to-count communities, my office has a direct role in developing the strategic outreach plan for the 2020 US Census. View more information.
    • Pursue an ordinance - alongside my Colleague Supervisor Kate Sears - to ban the use and sale of single-use plastics.
    • Finalize the purchase of the Pt. Reyes Station Coast Guard Site for affordable housing
    • Expand our Health and Human Services’ Whole Person Care /Housing First Initiative to West Marin to better support our residents currently experiencing homelessness
    • Support the Marin County fire parcel tax in 2020 to better prepare our communities for the next emergency.
    • Finalize the National Park Service General Management Plan gaining 20-year leases for ranchers in the Pt. Reyes National Seashore.
  • District Accomplishments

    Below is a list of some of my accomplishments from my first term as Supervisor for District 4. These accomplishments were only possible because of the partnerships developed with my colleagues on the Board of Supervisors, strong working relationships with our Department Heads, and your feedback throughout my community office hours.

    Health and Human Services
    • Supported the successful countywide ban on flavored tobacco products and electronic device cigarettes. View the press release.
    • At the direction of the Board of Supervisors, our Health and Human Services Department has implemented Laura’s Law Pilot Program (AB 1421) which has been active since September 2018. More information about this program.
    • Over 160 residents experiencing homelessness have found homes through our new Housing First Initiative and Whole Person Care program. As of now, it has a 95% success rate. More information about this program.
    • We enhanced the mental health staffing to our county jail system in a partnership between Health and Human Services and the County Sherriff’s Office. More information about this program.
    Environmental Stewardship
    • Worked alongside Supervisor Sears and the West Marin Environmental Action Committee to recognize International Migratory Bird Day and reinforce our commitment to the protection of nesting and migratory birds. More information.
    • Continued to support preparation for sea-level rise, C-Smart, and BayWAVE work through our Community Development Agency and Department of Public Works, which will benefit the Environmental Hazards sections in the Local Coastal Program (LCP). More information about our sea level rise work.
    Housing Support
    • Worked with community stakeholders to developed successful Measure W which created an additional West Marin 4% Transient Occupancy Tax which equally supports affordable housing and our local fire departments and emergency services to help offset visitor impacts in West Marin.
    • In response to community concerns over the increasing rental rates, unincorporated Marin County established the Rental Housing Dispute Resolution (Mandatory Mediation) for any rent increases of 5% or more. More information about this program.
    • Supported the Just Cause for Evictions Ordinance, as it is one way to give our landlords and renters codified protections.
    • Collaborated with the Mayor of the City of San Rafael to support the code enforcement inspections of multi-family residential units in East San Rafael. As a result, we were able to delay a 40% rental increase for low-income residents of an apartment complex and secure unit upgrades to enhance their living conditions.
    • Your Board of Supervisors continues to support an invigorated landlord partnership program to encourage landlords to accept Section 8. Read the county news release.
    • Actively supported our Community Development Agency’s purchase of the former US Coast Guard property in Pt. Reyes Station. This site will be exclusively dedicated for new affordable housing opportunities. More information.
    • As an incentive to create more housing availability in Marin, we are continuing to simplify the building/permitting process for our Accessory Dwelling Unit and Junior Accessory Dwelling Unit permit process, as well as working to wave some associated fees. Read the county news release.
    • Supported short term rental regulations for good neighbor notifications requirements, and enhanced enforcement of TOT collection for all unincorporated Marin.
    • Held successful 2017 Marin Agricultural Roundtable and a special 2018 Sonoma-Marin Agricultural Roundtable with over 150 attendees where Ag-related issues were discussed and fostered our working relationship with Sonoma County to collaborate on solutions to the most pressing issues related to Ag.
    • A settlement agreement was reached over the lawsuit on the Pt. Reyes National Seashore’s planning process and we are now moving forward and supporting National Parks Service’s General Management Plan amendments process which could allow for establishing longer (20-year) leases. More information regarding the General Management Plan process.
    • We supported Congressman Huffman’s bill HR 6687 to reaffirm Congress’ longstanding intent to allow working dairies and ranches in the Pt. Reyes National Seashore and Golden Gate National Recreation Area. View a Marin IJ article on the matter.
    Planning and Permitting
    • Continued to work on simplifying the building permit process by enabling 75% of our permits to being accessible online or over the counter.
    • Helped to develop a two self-certification processes for drywall inspections and curb-less showers. Access the online self-certification website.
    • Actively supported the Inverness Ridge Planning Group to analyze housing data and established a house size limit in their community plan.
    • Served on the Fire and Emergency Preparedness subcommittee to examine the changes in policies due to the 2017 North Bay fires. We recommended over 60 action items to improve our vegetation management, resident safety, and notification methods, including alerts for non-English speaking residents. The Committee has now ended, and the action items have been absorbed by two different emergency preparedness groups.
    • Supported more funding for emergency response, notification and fire preparedness programs. This includes, robust vegetation management programs with the Federal, State, County Parks, Marin Municipal Water District, and all landowners.
    • Supported a deal between the North Marin Water District and Marin Municipal Water District for trucked water and drought supplies for Nicasio residents.
    Older Adults and Youth
    • Designated 2018 as Year of The Older Adult, a year-long event filled with community forums on Older Adult related topics. The goal is to engage our older adult community with resources and tools to dispel any misconceptions about living as an older adult. Most recently, the Marin Senior Fair, drew more than 1000 community participants. More information.
    • As a result of our ‘2018 Year of the Older Adult’, Marin County is now a World Health Organization designated “Age Friendly” community. This allows our county to tap into the network of age friendly communities around the world to better support our aging population. Read the press release.
    • Supported Marin Promise Partnership’s with West Marin as they work to close the educational achievement gap.
    • Continued to support the opening of the third lane on the San Rafael-Richmond bridge to alleviate the traffic congestion that impacts the San Quentin Village and East San Rafael portion of District 4.
    • Worked with County Counsel, Department of Public Works, and the Department of Finance to redraft our Private Road Division Policy. This allows for a ten-year loan for private road division repair projects. Homeowners can borrow money from the county and then tax themselves to pay the loan back.
    • Continued to collaborate with Department of Public Works, Sheriff’s Department and the California Coastal Commission to address some of the overnight parking issues in Bolinas, including on non-county-maintained roads, as well as overnight parking concerns on Lucky Drive in Larkspur. My office supported the Bolinas Community Public Utilities District’s decision to place an advisory ballot measure on downtown parking restrictions on the November 2018 ballot. More information.