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2020 News

Stormy Weather (Not the Tune)                     1/14/2020
Appreciating Twelve Months of Music in 2019 1/13/2020
High Tides Are Here!


2019 News

Greetings and Good Thoughts for the Holidays 12/19/2019
Seminary Tomorrow Working Group Status Report 11/25/2019
No Power Shutoff for Marin but Red Flag Warning is Here and High Tides Return!
Wildfire Safety: Free Home Hardening Workshops for Homeowners & Building Industry Professionals
Parts of Marin Still Without Power While PG&E Works to Re-Energize
Red Flag Warning, Ongoing PSPS Issues & Related Resources
Preparing for Likely County-Wide Power Shutoff This Weekend
I Hear You! Here's More on the Impacts of the Power Shutoff Across Southern Marin
Evolving Power Outage Situation in Southern Marin
Updated - PG&E Monitoring Severe Wind Event Later This Week
PG&E Monitoring Severe Wind Event Later This Week
10/10 Fuel Reduction Cleanup in Mill Valley
Family-Friendly StoryWalk at Bothin Marsh 9/30/2019
Invitation to Fine Arts Exhibit and Reception - Thursday, Sept. 12, 2019 9/9/2019
Mass Shootings and the Decency of the American People 8/9/2019
My Future Plans and The Way Ahead 7/9/2019
Invitation to Help Install a Mosaic at the Mill Valley-Sausalito Multiuse Path 4/26/2019
Fire Meetings in May: Calendar Them and Take Action To Prepare 4/25/2019
2 Special Events on Firewise Landscaping and Soil Restoration 4/18/2019
Work and Volunteer Opportunities Coming Up in Mill Valley 4/15/2019
2019 Spring Newsletter 4/5/2019
Seminary Tomorrow Working Group Update of March 2019
Rain and High Tides Back for the Holiday Weekend
Celebrate African-American History in February and All Year Long 2/14/2019
January February 2019 Newsletter
Thoughts Offered About The Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
Seminary Tomorrow Working Group Update of January 2019
Prepare for Heavy Weather Mid-Week Including King Tides


2018 News

Continued High Tides and Flooding Predicted
A Full Moon and High Tides on Thanksgiving
It's Fire Season. How to Prepare and Support Others
Seminary Tomorrow Working Group Update of October 2018 10/15/2018
Traffic Woes? See the Future of Transportation at TAM's Innovation Workshop 10/15/2018
You're Invited to a Community Arts Planning Forum
Seminary Tomorrow Working Group Update of July 12, 2018 8/21/2018
Aging in Marin: It's a Whole New Scene 8/20/2018
Stay Alert for High Tides in Mid-July 7/5/2018
High Tide Alert Here! 6/12/2018
Traffic Woes? See the Future of Transportation at TAM's Innovation Workshop 6/4/2018
North Coast and Community Members Discuss Plans for the Seminary 5/22/2018
This Week at the Board of Supervisors: March 2, 2018 3/2/2018
Board of Supervisors Sustainability Workshop, April 17 4/12/2018
Southern Marin Fire District Hosts 3 "Ready Marin" Events! Calendar Now 4/10/2018
An Opportunity to Serve 3/28/2018
Join Democracy Cafe for an Afternoon of Action to End Gun Violence 3/13/2018
Tam Junction Enhancements Soon To Be Completed 3/12/2018
This Week at the Board of Supervisors 3/2/2018
Comments on Gun Violence From This Week's Board Meeting 3/2/2018
Supervisors Letter of Support for DACA 2/1/2018
This Week at the Board of Supervisors: January 30, 2018 1/30/2018
High Tides Alert for Southern Marin 1/30/2018
Remembering Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. 1/19/2018
2018 New Year's Newsletter 1/10/2018
Rain Expected - Watch for High Tides at the Usual Places 1/2/2018


2017 News

Board of Supervisors Upholds Denial of Seminary Master Plan Expansion 12/27/2017
Flooding at Manzanita and Marin City 12/21/2017
King Tides Coming; Watch for Flooding and Be Prepared! 12/1/2017
Reminder: Muir Woods Meeting Tuesday, Nov. 28th at 6:00 pm 11/27/2017
Weather ALERT: Rain, Wind and Possible Flooding 11/14/2017
Litter Got You Down? Take Action at the Clean Marin Trash Summit, Nov. 1, 2017 10/19/2017
Seasonal Road Projects are Wrapping Up in Southern Marin 10/17/2017
Fire Update for Southern Marin 10/17/2017
Marin County Has Opened Up Temporary Shelter 10/9/2017
Bulletin from FireSafe Marin 10/9/2017
Drawdown: Marin Event on October 3rd 9/27/2017
The Board of Supervisors Consider the Easton Point Property at the Tip of the Tiburon Peninsula 9/21/2017
Construction Work on Mill Valley-Sausalito Multiuse Path Begins September 5 9/1/2017
Revised Seminary Property Application Submitted for Review:What Does This Mean? 8/29/2017
Tam Junction Bike/Ped Construction Project Starts Next Week 8/19/2017
Upgrades to MV-Sausalito Multiuse Pathway 6/20/2017
Celebrating World Oceans Day, June 8, and Urging Immediate Action 6/8/2017
Seminary Property Owner Holding an Open House 6/7/2017
Tam Junction Bike/Ped Improvement Project Begins Next Week 5/26/2017
When It Rains, It Pours and Then Comes the Pollen 5/25/2017
My Recent Statement about SB 54 and Marin Supervisors' Support Letter for the California Values Act 5/16/2017
POSTPONED: Almonte/Miller Avenue Design Meeting 4/26/2017
Re-engaging the Dialogue about the Future of the Seminary Property 4/18/2017
Caltrans Camera Now Provides View of Shoreline Highway/Manzanita Park & Ride 2/9/2017
Status Note on Malfunctioning Tam Valley/Manzanita Traffic Light 1/19/2017
Blinking Traffic Light at Shoreline Highway/State Route One 1/17/2017
Storms, High Tides and Flooding Expected! 1/6/2017


2016 News

How Does Your Garden Grow? 12/14/2016
High Tides Just Around the Corner! 12/7/2016
Fall 2016 Newsletter 11/28/2016
City of Mill Valley Invitation to Almonte/Miller Avenue Design Meeting 10/21/2016
Litter Prevention in Marin & Your Chance to Pitch In! 10/18/2016
ALERT: Closure of Horse Hill Bike/Pedestrian Pathway Along Highway 101 10/17/2016
Help Marin's Transportation Network Work Better! 10/4/2016
Free Financial Counseling Available to Older Adults 9/28/2016
Trake Transit to the Parks and Enjoy Marin County Student Art 9/23/2016
Electrify your Saturday by Test Driving Electric Cars and Bikes! 9/8/2016
Wood Smoke Rebate Opportunity. Details here and apply now! 9/1/2016
Medical Cannabis Application Process Just Beginning; No Decisions Made 8/17/2016
Mill Valley-Sausalito Multiuse Pathway to Get a Facelift 7/25/2016
Message to Residents Re: the Seminary Property in Strawberry 7/25/2016
My Statement - Lives that Matter 7/13/2016
The Marin County Fair Celebrates its 75th Year 6/28/2016
Changes Coming to Tennessee Valley Traffic Light 6/23/2016
Golden Gate Bridge Announces Summer Lane Changes - Effective Immediately 6/15/2016
Muir Woods Update on June 14, 2016 at Board of Supervisors' Meeting 6/14/2016
Making Steady Progress on Traffic 6/3/2016
Tam Design Review Board review Peace Lutheran Church Tentative Map/Design Review 5/25/2016
Time to Lead on Climate!  4/22/2016
Target is Coming to Southern Marin! 4/22/2016
Reduce GHG Emissions and Get More EV Charging Stations in Marin 4/19/2016
Decision on Medical Office Space in Strawberry 4/13/2016
Join the City of Mill Valley's Third Annual Volunteer Day, April 2 from 10 am to 4 pm 3/21/2016
Join Me March 9th Welcoming Good Earth Natural Foods to Tam Valley! 3/1/2016
WORK POSTPONED at Shoreline/Arco. READ HERE FOR DETAILS! 2/29/2016
Yellow School Buses Soon to Roll in Mill Valley 2/26/2016
Improvements Coming to Tam Junction at Arco Station Area 2/22/2016
Learn To Protect Creeks at February 27 Hands-On Workshop at Old Mill Park, Mill Valley 2/16/2016
Invitation to Public Hearing on Preserving Housing Affordability 1/28/2016
Help Marin Transit Plan Better Service and Ride for Free! 1/15/2016
Seminary Interchange Improvements Soon to be Constructed 1/6/2016
January 6th Muir Woods Parking/Transportation Update 1/4/2016


2015 News

2015 Holiday Newsletter  
You're INVITED: January 6, 2016 Muir Woods Parking & Transportation Update 12/17/2015
High Tides Through the Holidays 11/23/2015
Tam Junction Bicycle & Pedestrian Planning Meeting 11/20/2015
Share Your Thoughts at Marin’s Housing Affordability Workshops. 11/13/2015
ALERT: Important Southern Marin Flooding meeting 11/13/2015
Muir Woods progress report and Save the Date for Community Meeting 11/5/2015
Message from Supervisor Kate Sears re: Seminary Property 10/20/2015
Information about El Niño, Recent High Tides and Preparation 10/13/2015
Invitation to Community Wildfire Protection Planning 10/6/2015
Invitation to a Community Conversation on the OWL Project 9/23/2015
Thanks to Marin Firefighters and What We Can Do 9/18/2015
The "OWLs" are Flying Away! 9/17/2015
September Newsletter 9/11/2015
Test Drive Electric Vehicles and Win Prizes Too! 9/11/2015
Wondering About Winter Rains and Whether We'll Be Ready?
Read the Zone 3 Update
Celebrate the 100th Birthday of Ed Ross, PhD and Enjoy His Photography! 8/28/2015
Share the Path Re-Launches at Back to School with Upgrades, Activities and Survey 8/17/2015
Marin Supervisors Urge Full Funding for Local Transportation Infrastructure 8/13/2015
Aging in Marin: Meeting our Growing Needs and Delivering a Better Future 8/12/2015
Strawberry: Bently Holdings traffic study now available 7/20/2015
Time to Weigh In With Your Transportation Ideas 7/16/2015
ALERT re: Avon Breast Cancer Walk on MV-Sausalito Multiuse Path, July 11 and 12 7/10/2015
Marin County Secures Grants to Address Local Sea-Level Rise Impacts 7/7/2015
Good News on the Tam Valley Traffic Front 7/2/2015
Traffic Got You Down? Ideas to Share? Attend Saturday's TAM Workshop 6/18/2015
Medical Marijuana Workshop 6/10/2015
Notice of Planning Commission Hearing regarding Affordable Housing (AH) Combining District 6/4/2015
Medical Marijuana Ordinance Workshop 5/28/2015
Ring Mountain Preserve 5/26/2015
Invitation to Congressman Huffman's Muir Woods Stakeholder Forum 5/21/2015
Strawberry Seminary Interchange Improvements 5/15/2015