Public Transportation

Board of Supervisors

Expanding the local transit network and improving our streets and sidewalk infrastructure are key to a better quality of life in all our communities in Southern Marin. Better transit and infrastructure serve people of all ages, help alleviate traffic congestion, and create better places to walk and bike. We have been making steady progress, including these highlights:

Making Room for All Users Along Shoreline Highway

Working with the Transportation Authority of Marin (TAM), I have advocated for and received commitment from Caltrans to expand a planning study of Shoreline Highway in Tam Junction to examine better ADA access, bike/pedestrian facilities and better transit stop infrastructure.

While Caltrans and TAM have not yet decided what improvements are warranted or can be built, TAM is working to locate the funds to enable this planning to occur.

For more information on TAM and its programs and projects, please visit:

Tiburon Peninsula Transit Needs Assessment

Marin Transit recently completed a Transit Needs Assessment for the Tiburon Peninsula. Prepared with the help of Tiburon and Belvedere officials, service providers, bus riders, residents and community groups, this study was presented to the Board of Supervisors in July 2012.

The report made 10 recommendations on ways to restructure current programs to improve service, provide additional school transit services and expand options for the elderly. My office will continue to work with Marin Transit to implement these recommendations.

To view the complete needs assessment and recommendations, please visit

Marin Transit Greening Up the Fleet

Marin Transit is working to achieve better transit service as well as greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction. Over the years, Marin Transit has acquired seven 35 ft Hybrid Electric buses with 5.0 miles per gallon compared to 3.7 for standard 40 ft transit buses. They consume 5-20% less fuel than a standard bus (based on their duty cycle). What’s more, they emit 50-90% fewer particulate emissions. The hybrid buses are used exclusively on local routes and have low floor configuration that enhance accessibility.

Marin Transit is continuing to look at opportunities to introduce more hybrids into its local-serving bus fleet. That means fewer particulates and cleaner air!

The Muir Woods Shuttle Beats All Prior Ridership Records

Marin Transit operates the Muir Woods Shuttle, a unique partnership among Marin Transit, Golden Gate Transit and the National Park Service. Now in its eighth year of operation, the Muir Woods Shuttle continues to break previous ridership records.

In its 2011 season (between May 7th and September 25th ), the Muir Woods Shuttle made 47,572 one-way passenger trips, an increase of 46% over 2012, and the highest level of ridership since service was initiated in 2005. In May 2012, ridership increased by 35.9% over 2011.

Stay tuned for details of Marin Transit’s current 2012 season of Muir Woods Shuttle ridership here. This season is shaping up to be our most successful ever in taking more visitor cars off our local highways!