Technical Instructions

Board of Supervisors

Interactive Form Troubleshooting and FAQS

This section provides answers to commonly asked questions from people who have experienced some problems with the form. If you don't find the help you need in the answers below, please contact the Board of Supervisors Forms Administrator for additional assistance.

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  • What if I didn't get an email receipt and copy of my form?

    Depending on your email service, the email receipt may arrive anywhere from immediately to 24 hours later.

    Please check that the form wasn't delivered to your spam or junk mail folders. The sender will be:

    If you don't have a receipt within an hour, please email the Board of Supervisors Forms Administrator.

  • Where is the Submit button?

    The submit button is located at the bottom of the form. You must go to the end of the form (plus any supplemental applications) to find and click the submit button.

  • Why am I seeing additional messages after I click Submit?

    After you press the Submit button, you will get a message box asking you to check your email address. Since this is used to contact you about your application, it is important that this is correct. Press OK if it is correct to continue with the submit processing. If you need to correct your email address, press Cancel to go back to the application form and change it, then press Submit again.

    Email Address Verification Screen Shot

    Next you will get a second message box which serves as an online signature:

    Signature Verification Prompt Screen Shot

    Press OK to submit your application.