SPECIAL NOTICE on Meeting Participation

Board of Supervisors

Meeting Date: 7/26/2022


The Board of Supervisors is holding meetings that allow for remote participation as well as in-person participation in response to the continued COVID-19 pandemic. Zoom videoconferencing technology remains available for participants as it has been since March 2020. The Board members will participate in the Civic Center's Board chamber and encourage both types of participation. Those visiting the Board chamber are requested to wear a face covering and respect social distancing while watching the meeting and may lower their face covering when speaking at the microphone. For instructions and guidance on how to watch the meeting or submit public comment, visit the Board of Supervisors' meeting webpage. Viewers also may watch the Community Media Center of Marin's webcast. Comcast subscribers in Marin may watch on Channel 27.

Contact:  Brent Ainsworth, Public Information Specialist, County Administrator's Office 

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