Barring Evictions During COVID-19

Board of Supervisors

Meeting Date: 6/8/2021


Agenda Item #9: The Board will hear a request from the Community Development Agency to adopting an urgency ordinance barring evictions of residential tenants in unincorporated Marin for nonpayment of rent due to the ongoing impacts from the COVID-19 public health emergency through September 30. Housing displacement is still a considerable concern in Marin County during COVID-19. The proposal would extend protections from January 2021 that are due to expire June 30. The urgency ordinance would follow a tradition dating to the first local eviction moratorium the Board installed in March 2020. Federal, state, and local protections for residents have helped prevent a proliferation of homelessness since then.


The Board adopted the urgency ordinance.

Need more info? See the staff report and news release about an emergency ordinance barring evictions of residential tenants during COVID-19.

Contact: Leelee Thomas, Planning Manager, Community Development Agency

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