Parking Fines in Bolinas

Board of Supervisors

Meeting Date: 7/20/2021


Agenda item #11: The Board will hear a request from the Department of Public Works to introduce an ordinance related to parking restrictions and associated parking fines in Bolinas. New parking restrictions or changes to existing parking restrictions were proposed for Terrace Avenue, Wharf Road, Cliff Road, and Olema-Bolinas Road to improve emergency vehicle access. The proposed update would consolidate heavily ticketed “no parking” restrictions and new restrictions on Olema-Bolinas Road and Cliff Road, thereby standardizing the penalty for the main “no parking” violations in Bolinas. Staff recommends the Board approve introduction of the ordinance and schedule consideration of adoption of ordinance for August 10 on the agenda's consent calendar.


The Board approved the introduction of the ordinance and scheduled a hearing for August 10.

Need more info? See the staff report about parking fines in Bolinas.

Contact: Pat Echols, Chief Assistant Director, Department of Public Works

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