Suicide Prevention Month

Board of Supervisors

Meeting Date: 8/24/2021


Agenda Item #7: The Board will hear a request to proclaim September as Suicide Prevention and Recovery Month. In addition, the Board will hear a presentation from the Department of Health and Human Services on its Suicide Prevention Strategic Plan Annual Report. Marin County has the highest suicide rate of any Bay Area county. The plan is the culmination of the efforts of diverse stakeholders from across Marin and provides a roadmap for reducing suicide attempts and deaths. Critical components of reaching those goals are: 1) preparing individuals, communities, organizations to recognize warning signs for suicide and gain confidence to intervene with somebody at risk, and; 2) strengthening proactive factors, including building connections and reducing stigma around the discussion or seeking help for thoughts of suicide.


The Board approved the proclamation and heard the presentation.

Need more info? See the draft resolution, staff report, presentation, or Suicide Prevention Strategic Plan Annual Report.

Contact: Dr. Jei Africa, Director, Behavioral Health and Recovery Services Division, Department of Health and Human Services.

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