Appointments to Advisory Boards and Commissions

Board of Supervisors

Meeting Date: 8/10/2021


Agenda Item #10: The Board will consider one vacancy on the Commission on Aging, two on the Child Care Commission, three on the Human Rights Commission, and twenty three (23) on the Youth Commission. 


The Board made the following appointments:

Commission on Aging: Lee Notowich

Child Care Commission: Jennifer Bell, Emma Norris

Human Rights Commission: Hamaseh Kianfar, Sean McQuaid

Youth Commission: Gurnoor Bassi, Charles de Belloy, Jacob Bizzell, Diego Chavarria, Alexandrea Coe, Lauren Dias, Sienna Garsten, Scarlett Goh, Greta Herman, Colette Holcomb, Eva Lacy, Miya Langley, Sam Lee, Sophie Liu, Zara Markkaoui, Jessica Mendieta, Lizbeth Mendieta, Cole Nadershahi, Elena Pletcher, Jessica Ralh, Melissa Raymundo, Abigail Shewmaker. 

Need more info? See the agenda for details on the interviews/appointments, or the Boards and Commissions webpage.

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