Emergency Rental Assistance / Homelessness Prevention

Board of Supervisors

Meeting Date: 3/31/2020


Shortly after the Board convenes at 9 a.m., the Board will hear a request from the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) to approve a master contract for 2019-20 to provide emergency rental assistance/homelessness prevention for low-income residents. One week after the Board approved a $500,000 allotment from the General Fund toward a new $1 million safety net partnership fund for those affected by the COVID-19 emergency, HHS proposes a master contract worth $650,000 to sign contracts with existing community-based partners. HHS recommends five contracts worth $75,000 each with Ritter Center, Adopt a Family of Marin, Community Action Marin, St. Vincent dePaul of Marin, and North Marin Community Services. 


The Board approved the master contract.

Need more info? See the staff report about emergency rental assistance/homelessness prevention.

Contact: Benita McLarin, Director, Department of Health and Human Services

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