Amendments to Marin County Code

Board of Supervisors

Meeting Date: 11/19/2019


The Board will conduct a hearing about an ordinance amending Marin County Code Title 19 and adopting the 2019 California Building Standards Code with local amendments. Since 2002, the County has required construction in unincorporated areas to comply with a range of green building and energy efficiency standards. The proposed changes support the County's sustainability goals. Passage of the ordinance would prevent a discrepancy between the effective date of the State Code and the effective date of the County's amendments, preventing a window of time wherein the local amendments are legally unenforceable. 


The Board conducted the hearing and adopted the ordinance amending the Marin County Code.

Need more info? See the staff report about the ordinance amending Marin County Code Title 19 and adopting the local amendments to the State Code. 

Contact: William Kelley, Deputy Director, Community Development Agency

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