Acceptance of Continuum of Care Grant

Board of Supervisors

Meeting Date: 4/23/2019


Shortly after the Board convenes at 9 a.m., the Board will hear a request to accept a $4,831,856 Continuum of Care Grant from the California Business, Consumer Services and Housing Agency and authorize the Health and Human Services (HHS) director or designee to execute agreement and any subsequent amendments and related documents. The funding from California's Homeless Emergency Aid Program (HEAP) are to develop permanent supportive housing for individuals who are chronically homeless and to implement a pilot program to divert newly homeless individuals from the homeless system of care. Marin HHS conducted a request for proposal (RFP) process and selected Homeward Bound of Marin and the St. Vincent de Paul Society of Marin to provide the activities. The Board will be asked to authorize the Board President to execute a multiyear agreement with Homeward Bound of Marin, in the amount of $4,523,891, to redevelop the Mill Street Center Emergency Shelter, as well as a multiyear agreement with St. Vincent de Paul Society of Marin, in the amount of $307,965, to implement a diversion pilot program for newly homeless individuals.


The Board accepted the Continuum of Care grant and authorized the HHS director or designee to execute the agreements.

Need more info? See the staff report about the Continuum of Care grant.

Contact: Hyacinth Guillermo Hinojosa, Director, Department of Health and Human Services

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