EV Charging Stations in Marin City

Board of Supervisors

Meeting Date: 4/16/2019


The Board will conduct a hearing to consider a Marin Gateway LLC (Marin Gateway Shopping Center) Master Plan amendment to allow for the reduction of parking from 866 existing parking spaces to 861 parking spaces to accommodate future installation of electric vehicle charging stations. The shopping center, in unincorporated Marin City, has an ordinance in place that requires one parking space per 209 square feet of retail space, or 892 spaces. The center has 866 spaces now. An applicant submitted an application to amend the Master Plan and reduce the required number of parking spaces to 861, allowing for the addition of electric vehicle charging stations. The Planning Commission recommended the approval of the amendment at its March 25 meeting.


The Board conducted the hearing and adopted the ordinance.

Need more info? See the staff report about the proposed Master Plan amendment to accommodate EV charging stations.

Contact: Sabrina Sihakom, Planner, Community Development Agency

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