Finance Department Service Fees and Rates

Board of Supervisors

Meeting Date: 9/12/2017


The Board will conduct a merit hearing for an ordinance establishing service fees and service rates for the Department of Finance to recover reasonable costs of providing services to the public and other agencies. Many services provided by the department require a disproportionate amount of resources to administer, so the department is recommending the implementation of cost-recovery measures in the form of fees and hourly service rates recommended in a service fee study. The fees and rates would result in an estimated $120,000 in annual revenue. On August 22, the Board suggested the removal of fees pertaining to public records requests after discussing the matter with Director of Finance Roy Given. 


The Board conducted the hearing and adopted the ordinance.

Need more info? See the staff report about the Finance fees and rates.

Contact: Roy Given, Director, Department of Finance

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