5-Year Business Plan

Board of Supervisors

Meeting Date: 10/13/2015


The Board will consider the County’s draft Five-Year Business Plan, which is designed to guide future organizational development, technology, and performance management efforts. For more than a year, the County has worked on a meaningful action plan and metrics that would help it determine its success over the next five years. Staff has set goals of making the County a more adaptive organization in which engagement, learning and leadership is encouraged at all levels of the organization. The Five-Year Business focuses on five areas: Diversity and Inclusion; Innovation and Change; Growth and Development; and Communication and Engagement. Approximately $440,000 has been set aside for one-time implementation costs of the plan, but additional staffing for public communication efforts would result in ongoing costs of approximately $175,000. The costs can be absorbed for the 2015-16 fiscal year but would result in ongoing increased costs starting fiscal year 2016-17.


The Board approved the Five-Year Business Plan and thanked all those involved.

Need more info? See the Five-Year Business Plan and the staff report.

Contact: Angela Nicholson, Acting Director of Human Resources

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