Employee Team of the Quarter

Board of Supervisors

Meeting Date: 3/18/2014


The Board will present the Outstanding Employee Team of the Quarter Award to the Leadership Academy Design Team.


The Board congratulated the Leadership Academy Design Team, and Supervisor Katie Rice read the following:

The Leadership Academy Design Team created a program that supports leadership at all levels of the organization and has profoundly impacted the capacity of leadership in the County of Marin. They researched best practices, curriculums and local resources for leadership development programs to determine the best program design to serve County employees. In order to have a full grasp of leadership development, each team member completed the Dominican University’s Leadership Certification Program. 

Their efforts led them to propose a partnership with Dominican University to deliver an organization-specific program that integrates our internal leaders with academics to maximize learning with practical applications.

The BOS adopted their recommendation and funded the program beginning with the first class in 2012. The team continues to actively monitor the program and make course corrections based upon participants’ evaluations. The team has become fully informed advocates and ambassadors for leadership development and now enjoys recognizing the graduates of this dynamic program. 

Congratulations to the Leadership Academy Design Team!


Clerk of the Board staff

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