Employee of the Month

Board of Supervisors

Meeting Date: 3/18/2014


The Board will recognize Cynthia Fix of the Probation Department as its Marin County Employee of the Month for February 2014.


The Board congratulated Cynthia Fix on her honor. Supervisor Katie Rice read the following: 

Cynthia began her 18-year career in 1995 as a group counselor at the Marin County Juvenile Hall. She is now the deputy supervisor for the Probation Department's AB-109 Unit, created after the assembly bill was signed into law in 2011 mandating that felons convicted of non-serious, non-violent and non-sexual offenses serve time in county jails rather than state prisons. Cynthia’s commitment extends far beyond the department and into the community. Without her skills, Marin County’s AB-109 program would not be one of the most successful ones in California.
Cynthia is highly respected by staff and an asset to the department. She is hard-working and continuously learning, sharing her knowledge with staff. She trained the entire adult division in evidence-based practices and Level of Service/Case Management Inventory (LSCMI). Cynthia is also readily available to probation officers outside her unit who seek her advice. She is well-deserving of this honor.
Congratulations, Cynthia, on being chosen Employee of the Month.


Clerk of the Board staff

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