Employee Team of the Quarter

Board of Supervisors

Meeting Date: 6/18/2013


The Board will present the Outstanding Employee Team of the Quarter Award to be the MarinGov Web Team.


The Board honored the MarinGov team from the Information Systems & Technology Department. Supervisor Arnold made the following statement:

The MarinGov Web Team is the team that developed the new County website. The new site is a big part of the County’s communications strategy, providing public outreach and telling its own story. The team began working in 2010, the front page went live on January 1, 2012, and they continue to work hard moving each department over to the new site.

The Web Team is a diverse group comprised of visual designers, web and application programmers, writers and content developers, information architects, trainers, and quality assurance staff. They worked closely with department staff to review, determine and organize the site’s presentation and emphasis of information, data and news.

Since each County department is unique, the team crafted an individual approach, complementing the overall design of the site. The web team developed many features for the website, including an image carousel for the front page, a new calendar, and simpler search and navigation capabilities. The team also developed the 2013 Marin County Fair site that includes a mobile application, and implemented the new ticket purchasing software for Cultural Services.

This team combined their valuable and unique skills to produce an excellent new web site for the County. Congratulations to the Web Team!

The team members are: James Allen, Cathy Boffi, Christine Camilleri, Cathy Clary, Dennise Colla, Garry Dukhovny, Maya Gladstern, Valentina Jones, Senti Kironde, Irina Popova, Misha Posylkin, Peggi Rodgers, Cathy Selmi, Brad Starks, Shanea Thompson, Michael Warden, Chris White.

Click here for photos of the ceremony.


Joanne Peterson, Director of Human Resources

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