Pesticide Enforcement

Stacy K. Carlsen, Agriculture, Weights and Measures - Marin County

The Marin County Department of Agriculture/Weights and Measures oversees the use of pesticides in Marin County. We are committed to protecting our community and beautiful environment by ensuring pesticides are handled and stored properly, and commercial applicators are trained and licensed.

  • Whenever pesticides are being used (or stored) at our homes, along our roads, or on our farms, we have the authority to go there and conduct inspections. These inspections help ensure that California-approved pesticides are being used safely and stored properly.
  • We make sure that commercial pesticide users are trained and licensed to conduct their work safely.
  • We immediately investigate pesticide related complaints and potential illnesses to determine what happened so that we can help prevent it from happening again.
  • “Pesticide” is a general term that includes “Herbicides” (weed control), “Insecticides” (insect control), “Fungicides” (for fungus control), “Rodenticides” (rodent control), etc.

Structural Pest Control Information

Employee Safety and Training

Handler and fieldworker training

Compliance Resources

  • Forms and Resources for Your Written Respiratory Protection Program
  • What You Can do to Stay in Compliance with Pesticide Laws and Regulations (PDF)
  • Compliance Assistance Booklets for Employers
  • Wellhead Protection Requirements (PDF)
  • Rules for Dormant Season Insecticides (PDF)
  • Stipulated Injunction and Order for the Protection of the California Red-Legged Frog In Sonoma County, CRLF habitat occurs in specifically designated locations. Go to "Map Showing Specific Areas in Sonoma County Covered by This Injunction Order (PDF). " CRLF areas are generally only in the southern half of the county and the habitat covers small portions of areas within the following locations: Sears Point, Stage Gulch Road, Western Petaluma, Stony Point/Mecham Rd. area, Bloomfield, Valley Ford, Estero de Americano, Coleman Valley at Hwy 1, and Hwy 1 at the Russian River.
  • Court Ordered Pesticide Use Buffers Around Pacific Salmon-Supporting Waters
  • Enforcement Response Handout: "Pesticide Violations — New State Regulation" (PDF)
  • Pesticide Laws and Regulations
  • Additional Laws and Regulations for Structural Pest Control Operators

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