Performance Management: Managing for Results

Matthew H. Hymel, County Administrator
ICMA Center for Performance Measurement, 2013 Certificate of Achievement Award Winner

The County of Marin has worked collaboratively for many years to build an organization that effectively meets community needs and values the importance of its employees. This work began in 1999 with a series of employee focus groups to identify how to make Marin County a better place to work.

As a result of these focus groups, the County created its first statement of Mission, Goals, and Values and developed its first Strategic Plan in 2001. The Strategic Plan highlighted the importance of being an organization that provides excellent customer service, develops and supports employees, effectively communicates with the public and employees, and manages for results.

In 2004, the Board adopted Managing for Results (MFR) as a key strategy to help the County “do the most important things well.” MFR helps identify the County’s most important priorities, align department and program activities to reflect those priorities, and use performance measures to track our progress in accomplishing them. The overall goals of the MFR program are to:

  • Assist the Board of Supervisors by identifying and implementing countywide priorities and linking these priorities to department and program operations
  • Assist departments and programs in evaluating the quality of their services and make continuous improvements to service delivery
  • Inform the budget process to help allocate resources based on the highest priorities
  • Communicate the results and outcomes of our services to the community

MFR is a dynamic, ongoing process that helps the County build a high-performance organization that achieves results in addressing community and organizational needs. The County is now in its sixth year of the MFR implementation and is continuing to develop meaningful performance measures across County programs. Below are downloadable materials on Marin County’s departmental performance plans as well as year-end reports dated back from FY 2008-09.

MFR Reports

The MFR Year-End Report compares department results in achieving their performance plan initiatives and measures over the last several years as identified in year-end reports submitted by the departments. The Year-End Reports and department performance plans are listed below: