Marin at a Glance 2016 Video Script

Matthew H. Hymel, County Administrator
Screenshot of the opening Year at a Glance Video slide

The following script accompanies the narration in the 2016 Marin At A Glance Video. After reading the script, if you would like to comment on the contents, please take our brief survey.

To read the full annual report using your browser, please visit our Annual Report webpage.

  1. MARIN
  2. Encompassing 500 square miles of golden hills, green valleys, and iconic skylines.
  3. A county with 80% agricultural and protected open space lands,
  4. and a local government committed to our economy, environment, equity and education.
  5. Fueled by more than 2,100 employees and a $540 million budget.
  6. Last year alone, over 6 million people visited our 83 parks and open space preserves,
  7. enjoying more than 250 miles of trails.       
  8. We continued to protect 167,000 acres of agricultural lands which produced $111 Million worth of crops and livestock.
  9. We responded to 190 fires,
  10. Answered 52,077 9-1-1 calls,
  11. Provided food to 6,297 families.
  12. We preserved 55 units of affordable housing in 4 unique properties.
  13. Resurfaced 6 million square feet of roads.
  14. We hosted the 75th annual Marin County Fair delighting 112,000 attendees
  15. The Marin County Free Library helped 72,000 members check out over 2 million items.
  16. 7,692 community members logged over 239,000 hours of volunteer service.
  17. Marin: One of the most beautiful counties in the country
  18. And more than 260,000 of us
  19. Call it home
  20. To find out more about what we’ve done this year visit