Administrative Technologies of Marin (ATOM)

Matthew H. Hymel, County Administrator
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The ATOM project started after the County underwent significant organizational and leadership changes during the recovery from the national economic downturn in 2009-2012. Many of the changes took place within the departments responsible for providing the County’s administrative functions. The Board of Supervisors provided for the formation of the Administrative Services team, led by the County Administrator and composed of the departments of Finance, Human Resources, and Information Services and Technology. The goal was to collaborate needs assessments and strategic planning.

Working across departmental lines, the Administrative Services team set a course for continual improvement in the management of County resources. Taking inventory, the team decided the County needed to overhaul its software systems to increase efficiencies and keep up with technological advances. The ATOM project, which has evolved with fresh tech advances the past few years, is designed to enhance and standardize business processes and to save the County money over the long run relative to continued use of its existing software system. The Board approved a $14 million project budget in December 2014 and entered into a contract with vendor Tyler Technologies. The implementation of the finance component was completed in 2016, and the human capital management (HCM) component is on schedule to go live in the first quarter of 2020.

Latest Project Update

The Board of Supervisors will hear a request September 24, 2019, from the County Administrator to receive a status report regarding ATOM project implementation. The human capital management (HCM) and payroll phase has taken longer than originally planned mostly because of system changes and a business merger between vendor Tyler Technologies and another company. Staff plans to update the Board on the implementation process for employee timekeeping and payroll.

ATOM Project Update, Board Letter – September 24, 2019


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