Administrative Regulation 4

Matthew H. Hymel, County Administrator

Communications to Employees via County Channels

Effective Date: July l, 1990

This regulation is issued pursuant to Chapter 2.08 of the Marin County Code and has been approved by the Board of Supervisors.

  1. Recognized employee bargaining organizations may use the following media without prior review or approval, and in accordance with their respective bargaining agreements.
    • County bulletin boards.
    • Local and inter-departmental phone calls.
    • Hand distribution at building entrances or work stations.
  2. All communications via salary warrant enclosures or attachments require prior approval of:
    • The Board of Supervisors if item does not express current policy of Board of Supervisors.
    • The County Administrator if item falls within current policy of Board of Supervisors.
    • The Auditor-Controller.
  3. Costs associated with preparing and attaching the enclosures will be borne entirely by the sponsoring organization or County department.