• Gun Buy-Back Program

    Gun Buy-Back Program The District Attorney’s office is coordinating a Gun Buy Back Program with our local police departments and sheriff's office.

  • Bus stop ad

    Community Outreach The Victim Witness Assistance program attempts to make itself available to victims and witnesses of crime.

  • Certificate of Appreciation

    Certificate of Appreciation "Food from the Bar" Certificate of Appreciation

  • Consumer Protection

    Consumer Protection The Consumer Protection unit provides many mediation services for the public.

  • Court Room

    Marin County Superior Court The courtroom is used to provide prevention, prosecution and protection for the people of Marin.

  • Crime week

    Crime Victims’ Week In remembrance of lost loved ones, the VW Assistance program honors family members.

  • Domestic Violence

    Violence Hurts Us All Posters are displayed in the community reaching out to possible victims or witnesses of assault, hate crimes, domestic violence or molestations.

  • Vivian

    Vivian the Therapy Dog Vivian is an employee of the DA’s Office and is available to provide emotional support for victims and witnesses of crime.

  • Victim Witness

    Victim Witness Advocates Advocates use outreach programs to make themselves available for possible domestic violence victims at events, shopping centers and regional offices throughout the county.