Marin Sea Level Rise




Rising sea levels and more severe storm flooding as a result of climate disruption are impacting us here in Marin County now. Even when the sun shines, Marin County already experiences more frequent flooding, both on the Pacific coast in west Marin and along our bay shorelines, impacting roadways, drainage and utilities, and disrupting people’s lives. These impacts are expected to increase in frequency and severity as sea level rise accelerates.

Marin County is facing the challenge by planning for climate change in collaboration with Marin’s cities and towns. By assessing what is vulnerable to rising tides, by creating opportunities for the community to learn with us, and by involving everyone in planning for these changes, we will be better prepared to meet these challenges as a community. While we know these changes are happening, we do not know how soon we will see more dramatic impacts. By beginning to prepare now, we can find ways to live with water, as well as create suitable defenses.

There are two main sea level rise assessment projects that are underway in the County – one along the coast (C-SMART) and one along the bayside (BayWAVE). But there are other community engagement and educational outreach programs that you can learn about here.  You can join the effort by subscribing here, staying informed, and contributing your ideas and thoughts. 

This page is a portal to an enormous amount of information. We hope you’ll visit often as we post updates on the progress of the programs that are underway.