Health Emergencies

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This collection of links contains useful emergency information for the County of Marin.

Adult/Elder Abuse

Adult welfare staff respond to allegations of adult/elder abuse.

Emergency Operations Facility

Information about the Emergency Operations Facility.

Environmental Health Services

The mission of Marin County Environmental Health Services is to protect public health and the well being of all Marin County residents, workers, and visitors by preventing injury and the spread of disease.

Psychiatric Emergencies

PES staff responds to mental health crises requiring immediate attention.

Public Health Updates

Emergency information about Public Health Updates

Safely Surrendered Baby

The Safely Surrendered Baby Law allows a person to surrender a baby confidentially.

Suicide Prevention

Helps protect the health and safety of the community's children, adults, and families.

Urban Search and Rescue

The County’s Urban Search and Rescue Team is called out ONLY by emergency services to assist in natural or man-made disasters such as floods and earthquakes.