MCSTOPPP: Stormwater Program

Raul M. Rojas, Public Works
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Illegal Discharge?

If you wish to report an illegal discharge into a storm drain, creek, bay or ocean, please complete this form or contact your local stormwater contact.


Question? Comment?

If you have a question, comment or complaint, please drop us an email and we'll respond as quickly as possible.

The Marin County Stormwater Pollution Prevention Program (MCSTOPPP) is a joint effort of Marin's cities, towns and unincorporated areas. We work to prevent stormwater pollution and to protect and enhance water quality in creeks and wetlands. Read more... 

What the Heck is Storm Water Runoff?

The State Water Resources Control Board's Stormwater Program is releasing a series of instructional videos on how to be a watershed steward and how to manage stormwater (rain) runoff on your property.

  • Stormwater Video Series
    Slow the Flow program logo

    As California faces drought and limited water supplies, these seven films bring to life simple practices that individuals and communities can do to conserve water, become stewards of our watersheds, and slow the flow of stormwater from homes and businesses. The “Slow the Flow: Be a California Water Warrior” series focuses on low impact development practices and projects anyone can do on or around their property, such as replacing a lawn with a native plant garden, properly managing lawns, disconnecting your down spouts, adding bioswales and rain gardens, and converting paved areas to more permeable surfaces. The videos are being released one at a time.

    Stormwater Video Series

    So far Episodes 1-4 are available.

    • Episode 1 - "What the Heck is Storm Water Runoff?" - This video provides a quick introduction to pollution and stormwater, and describes the many negative impacts polluted stormwater runoff has on human health and the environment. Some of the strategies to eliminate polluted stormwater runoff in urban areas are also explored in this video.
    • Episode 2: Lawn Removal - Lawn be Gone - This video provides a quick introduction to the many benefits of getting rid of your lawn and how to do it!. This video also briefly describes the many negative impacts lawns and lawn maintenance may have on storm water quality.
    • Episode 3: Make the Water Go – Disconnecting Down Spouts - This video provides an overview of how to use storm water from your roof as a resource by disconnecting the path it traditionally takes to the storm drain. Disconnecting your down spout is one of many tools you can use at home to shrink your ecological footprint and improve the quality of rivers and streams!
    • Episode 4: Lawn practices – Grass can Always be Greener - If you decide to keep a lawn, what can you do to make it stay green, take less green (cash) to maintain and still be green for the environment? Watch this short how to video on having a truly green lawn at your home.
    • The original "Slow the Flow" is also available for viewing.