County Garage

Raul M. Rojas, County Purchasing Agent, Director, Public Works
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Welcome to our shop! The Marin County Garage is a full-service repair shop and we handle all maintenance and repair work on over 500 pieces of equipment including county vehicles, maintenance equipment, law enforcement vehicles, public works and fire vehicles, all generators for MERA communications, and flood control equipment. This is also where county employees can check out vehicles for official business from the motor pool.

Because we maintain all emergency vehicles and road equipment for the county, it's important to keep our facility up to date and fully supplied with the most recent advances in technology and methodology. Our mechanics and staff are highly trained in the maintenance of our county's equipment and vehicles whether they are gasoline, diesel, bio-diesel, hybrid or one of our new electric cars. Thus we're able to ensure the reliable operation of county equipment as well as the safety of our workers and the public.

Our facility, designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, was retrofitted with solar power approximately 10 years ago. Inside we have a full repair facility with a complete stock of parts, tires and whatever it takes to maintain the fleet of vehicles for the county.

Recognizing the significance of alternative vehicles in reducing greenhouse gas emissions (GHG), we have added 61 hybrid and six plug-in vehicles to the County fleet since 2002. Furthering the department's commitment to sustainable technology, we will continue to replace gasoline and diesel powered vehicles with electric and/or hybrid vehicles where possible when conducting our annual vehicle replacement program.

The corporation yard houses a variety of fuel types. We have six 240 volt charging stations for our electric county car pool vehicles, one gasoline dispenser and one bio-diesel dispenser. The County has been using bio-diesel fuel since 2003 and this is considered a less polluting-type of fuel for diesel powered vehicles.

In addition to the on-site facilities, our two Ford 550 maintenance trucks give us the ability to maintain county equipment located off site. The trucks, themselves Certified clean idle diesels, have enough carrying capacity to bring along new and used oil, parts, tools, tires and welding equipment.  

Safety is our top priority and we pride ourselves in providing the highest quality service in every job that we do. We’re open Monday through Friday from 6:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and located at the county corporation yard, 6 Peter Behr Drive, San Rafael.