Civil Grand Jury

Jay Hamilton-Roth, 2016-17 Foreperson, Civil Grand Jury
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2015 2016 Grand Jury photo

The Civil Grand Jury is the only independent "watchdog" investigative body in Marin County. Our job is to monitor the performance of local government and make recommendations which can save taxpayers' dollars and improve services. We do thorough investigation of officials suspected of misconduct or potential government inefficiencies. These investigations follow complaints submitted by individuals.  Please visit our How to File a Complaint webpage if you would like information about filing a complaint. 

Each spring our Superior Court Judges review applications from qualified citizens who wish to serve on the Grand Jury. Once the jurors and alternates are identified, they are sworn in and begin serving their one year term on July 1st.

Would you make a good grand juror?

  1. Are you a good listener?
  2. Can you cooperate with 18 others in a common goal?
  3. Can you keep a secret? All your work must be confidential.
  4. Have you the stamina to commit yourself to a full year of productive work?
  5. Can you ask thoughtful questions, review documents and help write lucid reports?
  6. Are you interested in trying to increase the efficiency of local government, save taxpayer dollars and improve services?
  7. Can you make a substantial contribution of time (at least 25 hours or more a week) in public service?
  8. Are you computer literate and know your way around the internet?
  9. Are you enthusiastic about the possibility of improvements and solutions?

If you are interested in making a valuable contribution to your community and having the privilege of serving on the Marin County Civil Grand Jury, please apply by completing the application form.

The Civil Grand Jury works on a fiscal year basis and accepts applications throughout the year. The deadline for submitting an application for the next year’s Civil Grand Jury is April 20.