Sea Level Rise and Marin's Ocean Coast

Brian Crawford, Community Development Agency
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Your help is needed to identify what may be at risk to rising seas!

to be part of the process, interact, and get news and meeting notices.

In public workshops on October 28, 29 and 30, coastal Marin residents marked up maps to identify homes, habitats, schools, businesses, roads and other important resources and facilities (termed “Assets”) that could be exposed to rising seas in the future. Participants provided valuable “on the ground” information as part of the “Asset Identification” phase of the Collaboration: Sea-level Marin Adaptation Response Team (C-SMART) project. They also shared their concerns and ideas about sea level rise.

Now you too can do all that, from the comfort of your own computer. View the draft maps showing areas that could be exposed under different scenarios of sea level rise and intensified storms. Then to correct or add locations of “Assets,” simply send an email to the Sea Level Rise Planner describing where and what the asset is.

Please also share your thoughts and concerns about sea level rise by answering the three questions workshop participants discussed here.

More Information - Click the highlighted links for videos and powerpoint presentations on the background on the science of sea level rise and the C-SMART planning program.

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