2007 Marin Countywide Plan

Community Development Agency
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Sky view picture of the Golden Gate and Marin Headlands

The updated Marin Countywide Plan was adopted November 6, 2007. The updated plan continues to promote leading edge strategies started in 1974, when Marin County set in place policies that prevented runaway development and protected open space. By focusing on sustainability, this update to the Marin Countywide Plan also serves as a model for other communities to address the impending climate change crisis - including assessing greenhouse-gas emissions, setting targets to reduce emissions, and programs to plan for and adapt to projected sea level rise.

The Countywide Plan reflects Marin’s environmental sensibility including the benefits of providing more affordable housing near public transportation and jobs. The plan also recognizes that Marin cannot just build its way out of fossil-fuel addiction and must also retrofit existing buildings and increase the use of fuel-efficient transportation to realize a significant energy reduction. The plan calls for environmentally friendly building techniques and energy-efficiency standards in excess of state requirements. Other innovations include the goal of reducing our ecological footprint to Western European levels, and using benchmarks to track our progress in implementing the plan.

Marin County strove to be green well before it became fashionable. The 2007 Countywide Plan will help us to be greener well into the 21st century.