Affordable Housing

Community Development Agency

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The mission of the Community Development Agency is to protect public health and safety, preserve environmental quality, and plan sustainable, diverse communities.

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Work Plan

Ensures that buildings are constructed safely by reviewing Building Permit applications and inspecting construction projects.

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Established Policies and Programs

Protects the public from potential health and safety risks from septic systems and water wells as well as at food facilities, public swimming pools, body art facilities, medical waste and solid waste facilities.

Explore Affordable Housing Opportunities

Affordable Housing Opportunities

Promotes sustainability by regulating land use and real estate development.

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Funding Opportunities

Runs the green building, green business, energy efficiency, solar energy, and climate protection programs.

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Resources and Publications

Oversees and coordinates the environmental review for all County agencies and departments.

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Manages Marin County's affordable housing activities and works to remove barriers to the creation of new affordable housing.