Administrative Technologies of Marin (ATOM)

Matthew H. Hymel, County Administrator, County Administrator's Office - County of Marin
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Download RFP Documents here:
Request For Proposal – October 29, 2013 
Addendum 1 Update to minimum criteria – November 08, 2013
Pre-Proposal Meeting Presentation - November 14, 2013
Addendum 2 Change in Proposal Due Date - November 15, 2013
Addendum 3 Clarification of RFP Requirements - November 20, 2013
Addendum 4 Pre-Proposal Conference Sign-In Sheet – November 22, 2013
Addendum 5 Vendor Questions and Answers – November 22, 2013
Current State - Business Process Maps - December 2, 2013

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In recent years, Marin County has undergone organizational and leadership change, specifically in the departments responsible for providing the County’s administrative functions. The Board of Supervisors provided for the formation of Administrative Services, led by the County Administrator and composed of the Departments of Finance, Human Resources, and Information Services and Technology. The County hired a new Director of Human Resources in 2010, a new Director of Finance in 2011, and a new Director of Information Services and Technology in 2012. With these departments working together across departmental lines, the County has taken the next step in a program of continual improvement in the management of County resources.

Request for Proposals: ERP Software

Over seven years ago, the County implemented the SAP software system. We chose to do this in order to better serve the public and to make us a more modern, efficient and effective organization.

Today, we still have the goal of improving our organization, and we are going to take the lessons we learned from our experience in the previous project and apply them to this effort.  The County of Marin is interested in soliciting proposals from qualified providers of ERP software designed for public sector, whose product offering meets or exceeds current County requirements and whose complete product offering provides a robust solution set that will allow the County to continue to leverage this investment well into the future as the needs of the County grow and evolve.

Request for Proposals: Important Dates

Listed below are specific and estimated dates and times of actions related to this request for proposal.  The actions with specific dates must be completed as indicated unless otherwise changed.  In the event that it is necessary to change any of the specific dates and times in the calendar of events listed below, an addendum to this RFP will be issued, and the schedule below will be updated.

Milestone Timeframe
RFP issuance
October 29, 2013
Vendor pre-proposal meeting
November 14, 2013
Deadline for clarification questions
November 19, 2013
County distributes responses to Vendor RFP clarification questions
November 22, 2013
'Intent to Propose' form due from vendors
November 22, 2013
Vendor proposals due
December 20, 2013 at 12:00 noon
Notification of demonstration dates
February 10, 2014 through
February 14, 2014
Demonstrations of software
March 3, 2014 through April 4, 2014
Site Visits and other due diligence
Conclude by May 28, 2014
Contract negotiations and award
July, 2014

Latest Project Update

Board of Supervisors Workshop

On October 29, 2013, the ATOM Executive Steering Committee updated members of the Board of Supervisors on the ATOM project and received support and approval to publish this RFP.  October 29 Presentation

Project Timeline

Winter to Summer 2013


  • Finalize Phase 1
Phase 1 complete

Summer 2013



  • Phase 1B - Continuous business process improvements
  • Phase 2 - Complete requirements for RFP
Phase 2 complete

Fall 2013 to July 2014


  • Phase 3 - Issue RFP on October 29, 2013
  • Select software
  • Finalize legal contract and SOW for software

Summer 2014 to end of 2015

  • Phase 4 - Implement new software - phased approach
  • Recommend Finance solution implemented first